rawplay(1) Play DV streams and files


rawplay [ options ] [ file ... ]


The main motivation for this application is to provide a cross platform, optimal playback mechanism of DV content. As such, It uses SDL for rendering the audio and video.

rawplay plays raw dv streams or kino smil projects and compatible file formats. Typically, it takes a hefty processor (1ghz or more) to render all frames, but rawdv will drop image rendering on slower machines. This makes it ideal for previewing streams directly from firewire hardware. It will show video with the correct aspect ratio when using accelerated video rendering, provides full screen functionality, audio muting and basic transport functionality when used with file input.


Show help message.


Will build but not run on OSX due to C++ name mangling of main which prevents the SDLmain.h main->SDL_main mapping.


See http://kino.schirmacher.de/ for the latest version.


rawplay was written by Charles Yates <[email protected]>.