rawtherapee(1) an advanced cross-platform program for developing raw photos.


rawtherapee [directory|image-file]
rawtherapee [-o|-O <output>] [-s|-S] [-p <file>] [-d] [-j[1-100]|-t|-t1|-n] [-Y] -c <input>


RawTherapee is an advanced program for developing raw photos and for processing non-raw photos. It is non-destructive, makes use of OpenMP, supports all the cameras supported by dcraw and carries out its calculations in a high precision 32bit floating point engine.


-o <output file>|<output dir>
select output directory.
-O <output file>|<output dir>

 select output directory and copy the PP3 file into it.
use the PP3 processing profile located next to the input file (which shares same name as the input file) when building the processing parameters, e.g.: for IMG001.NEF there should be a IMG001.NEF.pp3 in the same directory. If such a file is not found, the default values are used.
like -s but skip processing that image if its corresponding PP3 file is not found.
-p <PP3 file>
specify a PP3 processing profile to be used for all conversions. You can specify as many -p options as you like (see note below).
use the default raw or non-raw PP3 file to build the image's parameters (specified in the options file).
specify output to be JPEG (default). The compression value can be in the range 1-100. If none was specified, the default compression value is 90, balanced subsampling (4:2:2).
specify output to be uncompressed 8 bit per channel TIFF.
specify output to be zip-compressed 8 bit per channel TIFF.
specify output to be 8 bit per channel PNG with a compression value of 6.
overwrite output if present.

You can use partial PP3 files, in which case RawTherapee will set the missing values as follows:

  The PP3 file is first built with internal default values;

  then overridden by those found in the "default raw" or "default non-raw" photo profile (if -d has been set);

  then overridden by those found in the PP3 files provided by -p, each one overriding the previous values;

  then overridden by the sidecar file if -s is set and if the file exists;

  the time when the sidecar file is used depends of the position of the -s switch in the command line relative to the -p parameters (e.g. "-p first.pp3 -p second.pp3 -s -p fourth.pp3").


RawTherapee was originally written by Gabor Horvath of Budapest, Hungary, before being relicensed as free and open-source software in January 2010 and being maintained by a team of people since.
The RawTherapee Development Team comprises of passionate people from all around the world.