rawtoppm(1) convert raw RGB bytes into a portable pixmap


rawtoppm [-headerskip N] [-rowskip N] [-rgb|-rbg|-grb |-gbr|-brg|-bgr ] [-interpixel|-interrow] width height [imagedata]


If the file has a header, you can use this flag to skip over it.
If there is padding at the ends of the rows, you can skip it with this flag.
-rgb -rbg -grb -gbr -brg -bgr
These flags let you specify alternate color orders. The default is -rgb.
-interpixel -interrow
These flags let you specify how the colors are interleaved. The default is -interpixel, meaning interleaved by pixel. A byte of red, a byte of green, and a byte of blue, or whatever color order you specified. -interrow means interleaved by row - a row of red, a row of green, a row of blue, assuming standard rgb color order. An -interplane flag - all the red pixels, then all the green, then all the blue - would be an obvious extension, but is not implemented. You could get the same effect by splitting the file into three parts (perhaps using dd), turning each part into a PGM file with rawtopgm, and then combining them with rgb3toppm.


Copyright (C) 1991 by Jef Poskanzer.