rc_config_list(3) rc_yesno


Run Command library (librc, -lrc)


In rc.h Ft RC_STRINGLIST * Fn rc_config_list const char *file Ft RC_STRINGLIST * Fn rc_config_load const char *file Ft char * Fn rc_config_value const char *const *list const char *entry Ft bool Fn rc_yesno const char *value


These functions provide an easy means of querying OpenRC configuration files.

Fn rc_config_list returns a list of non comment lines in Fa file . Fn rc_config_load does the same, but attempts to parse the line as if it was a shell assignment. Fn rc_config_value returns the value of Fa entry found in Fa list .

Each list should be freed using Fn rc_stringlist_free when done.

Fn rc_yesno returns if Fa value is true, yes, on or 1 regardless of case, otherwise false. If Fa value is also not false, no, off or 0 regardless of case then errno is set to EINVAL


An Roy Marples <[email protected]>