rdd-verify(1) verifies checksums and hash values generated by rdd-copy(1)


rdd-verify [OPTION] file1 ...


Rdd-verify verifies checksums and hash values generated by rdd-copy(1). Rdd stores checksums (Adler32 or CRC32) in files. These files must be passed to rdd-verify for verification.

Hash values (MD5 or SHA1) computed by rdd-copy(1) must be passed to rdd-verify on the command line as hexadecimal strings.

Rdd-verify reads all input files (file1, ...) and recomputes the checksums and hash values that the user wishes to verify. The verification will very likely fail if the concatenation of the input files is different from the source that was copied by rdd-copy(1).


All verification errors are reported on stderr.


-?, --help
Print a usage message.
-V, --version
Report version number and exit.
-v, --verbose
Be verbose (more messages).
-v, --verbose
Be verbose (more messages).
--checksum, --adler32 file
Verify the Adler32 checksums stored in file.
--crc, --crc32 file
Verify the CRC32 checksums stored in file.
--md5, --md5 digest
Recompute the MD5 hash value. It should be equal to digest.
--sha, --sha1 digest
Recompute the SHA1 hash value. It should be equal to digest.

A digest argument is a hexadecimal string. Leading zeroes may not be omitted.


rdd-verify --md5 0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef disk.img

Compute the MD5 hash value over disk.img and verify whether it equals 0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef.

rdd-verify --adler32 checksums.a32 disk.img

Compute the adler32 checksums over disk.img and compare each checksum to the corresponding checksum in checksums.a32.


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