RDF::Helper::RDFReland::Query(3) Perlish convenience extension for RDF::Redland::Query


my $model = RDF::Redland::Model->new(
RDF::Redland::Storage->new( %storage_options )
my $rdf = RDF::Helper->new(
Namespaces => \%namespaces,
BaseURI => 'http://domain/NS/2004/09/03-url#'

my $q_obj = $rdf->new_query( $sparql_text, 'sparql' );

# arrays
while ( my $row = $q_obj->selectrow_arrayref ) {
# $row is an array reference.
# hashes
while ( my $row = $q_obj->selectrow_hashref ) {
# $row is a hash reference.


RDF::Helper::RDFRedland::Query is the object retuned from RDF::Helper's new_query() method when using RDF::Redland as the base interface class. This object provides everything that an instance of RDF::Redland::Query offers, plus the convenience methods detailed below.



Returns each row as a Perl array references. The order of the array's indices will correspond to the order of the variable bindings in the query.


Returns each row as a Perl hash references. The keys in the hash will have the same names as the variable bindings in the query.


Kip Hampton, [email protected]


Copyright (c) 2004 Kip Hampton. =head1 LICENSE

This module is free sofrware; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.