rebuildLineage(1) Rebuild WebGUI Lineage Tree.


rebuildLineage --configFile config.conf
rebuildLineage --help


WebGUI's Lineage Tree is an index that helps WebGUI run faster, if built propely. This utility will rebuild your WebGUI Lineage Tree, detect and fix orphaned data, and circular relationships (loops) in the tree.

WARNING: Use this tool only if you know what you're doing. It should only be used if somehow your lineage tree has become corrupt (very rare) or if you have done some massive reorganization of your asset tree and you want to fill in the gaps between the ranks of your assets. A side effect of using this utility can be that your assets may no longer be in the same rank as they once were, which means that they may appear out of order in your navigation.

--configFile config.conf
The WebGUI config file to use. Only the file name needs to be specified, since it will be looked up inside WebGUI's configuration directory. This parameter is required.
Disable all output unless there's an error.
Shows this documentation, then exits.


Copyright 2001-2009 Plain Black Corporation.