rel2gpx(1) create GPX-Tracks from OSM relation


rel2gpx [options] <relation-Id>


This script can download GPX tracks from a given OSM relation to feed it to your GPS device. Most relations are not ordered in one single line. The script tries to bring all parts into a reasonable order.


OSM Id of the to be exported relation. See also pption -f
-i file
Read OSM-data from local file. If this option is missing data will be fetched from
-x file
write XML-file in osm-format, which contains the data of all objects of the relation (only in connection with -i).
-r typ
Work on all relations of type=route and route=typ (only in connection with -i). Possible values for typ: bicycle, hiking, train.
-f file
Read relation-Ids from file (only in connection with -i). The text file can contain one Id per line. Lines starting with "#" will be ignored. You can also add comments to data lines.
Create a GPX track file.
Enable output of various plausibility checks.
Enable statistics output to STDOUT
Output statistics and plausibility checks into HTML file
Respect directions (oneway, forward/backward).
The name of the GPX and HTML file will be created from the name of the relation inside the OSM database. If this does not exist the relation-Id will be used as name. When using options -f or -i the name will be created from the relation list or the OSM-file respectively.


This manual page was written by Andreas Tille <[email protected]> for the Debian distribution but can be freely used for any other purpose.