Applies a renderer to one or more PDF pages

SYNOPSIS [options] infile.pdf [<pagenums>]
-r --renderer=class uses this renderer class (default: CAM::PDF::Renderer::Dump)
-c --check validates the page before rendering it
-d --density=float sets the X and Y density for the renderer
-x --xdensity=float sets the X density for the renderer
-y --ydensity=float sets the Y density for the renderer
-v --verbose print diagnostic messages
-h --help verbose help message
-V --version print CAM::PDF version
<pagenums> is a comma-separated list of page numbers.
Ranges like '2-6' allowed in the list
Example: 4-6,2,12,8-9


Loads and runs the chosen renderer on the specified pages of the PDF. If no pages are specified, all are processed.

The density flags are used for graphical renderers (namely CAM::PDF::Renderer::Text and the like).