resolvertest(1) Test Shibboleth SP attribute resolver


resolvertest -n name -i idp -p protocol
    [-f format-uri] [-a app]

resolvertest [-a app] < assertion


resolvertest queries the Shibboleth SP attribute resolver and can be used to test attribute release policies and related configuration for a Shibboleth SP. Either a name, IdP, and protocol may be specified on the command-line or resolvertest can take an assertion in XML on standard input.


-a app
The application ID. If not given, the default is "default".
-i idp
The Identity Provider to query for attributes.
-f format-uri
The URI for the attribute format.
-n name
The name to look up.
-p protocol
The protocol to use. Normally, one of the -saml10, -saml11, or -saml2 options should be used to specify the protocol, but -p can be used to specify an arbitrary protocol.
Use the SAML 1.0 protocol.
Use the SAML 1.1 protocol.
Use the SAML 2 protocol.


This manual page was written by Russ Allbery for Debian GNU/Linux.


Copyright 2008 Russ Allbery. This manual page is hereby placed into the public domain by its author.