rlinetd(8) an(other) internet super-server


rlinetd [-f|--config <config-file>] [-p|--parser <parser-module>] [-d|--debug] [-h|--help]


rlinetd is a connection manager which binds and listens to a number of ports, and performs specified actions when a connection is made.


The program will accept a number of arguments to adjust the startup sequence.
-d , --debug
is a flag to raise the debug level. This will, amongst other things, prevent dissociation from the controlling terminal and give output on stderr.
-h , --help
will give a brief synopsis of the options.
-f , --config <config-file>
allows the specification of an alternative configuration file to be read.
-p , --parser <parser-module>
allows the specification of an alternative parser module to be used when parsing the configuration file.


default configuration file.
default parser module.


This manual page was written by Mikolaj J. Habryn <[email protected]>. Modified by Robert Luberda <[email protected]>.