rlm_unix(5) FreeRADIUS Module


The rlm_unix module reads crypt(3) passwords from the system password file, and allows the server to use them for authentication. The module also provides FreeRADIUS an interface into a radwtmp file (used by "radlast") when added to the accounting section.

The rlm_unix module does provides the functionality for "Auth-Type = System". The module should be listed in the "authenticate" section. Please see the default radiusd.conf shipped with the server for an example of the correct usage of this module.

As of FreeRADIUS 1.1.0, the module no longer reads, or caches /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow, or /etc/group. If you wish to cache those files, see rlm_passwd. Most, if not all, configurations should not need those files to be cached.

The main configuration items to be aware of are:

The path to the system wtmp file to be used for keeping the database of online users as read by the 'radlast' program.


modules {

unix {
radwtmp = ${logdir}/radwtmp


authentication, accounting




Chris Parker, [email protected]