ROBODoc(1) Extract documentation from source code.


robodoc --src <source> --doc <destination> [options]


ROBODoc extracts specially formated documentation from the source code. It allows you to maintain a program and its documentation in a single file.


Show the copyright message.

Print version information and exit.

Define the documentation directory or documentation file. A directory should start with a '/' or a './' and should not include any '..'.

Define the source directory or source file. A directory should start with a '/' or a './' and should not include any '..'.

Generate documentation in ASCII format.

Generate documentation in HTML format.

Generate documentation in XML DocBook format.

Generate documentation in LaTeX format.

Generate documentation in RTF format.

Create an additional master index file.

Store all documentation in separate files.

Store all documentation in a single file.

Generate a single document from a single file

The complete list of options can be found in the HTML documentation. (Reference at the end of this page.)


robodoc --src ./ --doc myproject --singledoc --html

Creates a document called myproject.html from all source files in the current directory.

robodoc --src ./myproject/
      --doc ./myprojectdoc --multidoc --html --index

Creates separate documents for all the source files found in the directory ./myproject they are stored in the directory ./myprojectdoc. A master index file called ./myprojectdoc/masterindex.html is also created. This provides links to all the individual files.


Copyright © 1994-2008 Frans Slothouber, Petteri Kettunen, Gergely Budai and Jacco van Weert.

This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.


Frans Slothouber, Jacco van Weert, Petteri Kettunen, Bernd Koesling, Thomas Aglassinger, Anthon Pang, Stefan Kost, David Druffner, Sasha Vasko, Nathan Prewitt, Gergely Budai and Dennis Stampfer.