robot-playerprint(1) prints out sensor data to the console


robot-playerprint [options] <device>


robot-playerprint prints out sensor data to the console. It is useful mainly for verifying that a device is working during the setup or debugging process. If you want to visualize data, try robot-playerv. If you want to log data to a file, try the writelog driver.


-h host
connect to Player on this host (default: localhost).
-p port
connect to Player on this TCP port (default: 6665).
-r rate
request data update at rate in Hz (default: 10Hz).
-i index
the index of the device (default: 0).
name of the sensor to print data from (e.g. laser).


Player was written by Brian Gerkey <[email protected]> and contributors. This manual page was written by Daniel Hess for the Debian Project.