Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::Interval(3) Interval column metadata.


use Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::Interval;
$col = Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::Interval->new(...);


Objects of this class store and manipulate metadata for interval columns in a database. Column metadata objects store information about columns (data type, size, etc.) and are responsible for creating object methods that manipulate column values.

This class inherits from Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column. Inherited methods that are not overridden will not be documented a second time here. See the Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column documentation for more information.


Rose::DB::Object::MakeMethods::Generic, date, ...
Rose::DB::Object::MakeMethods::Time, date, ...
Rose::DB::Object::MakeMethods::Time, date, ...

See the Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column documentation for an explanation of this method map.


end_of_month_mode MODE
This mode determines how math is done on duration objects. If defined, the "end_of_month" setting for each DateTime::Duration object created by this column will have its mode set to MODE. Otherwise, the "end_of_month" parameter will not be passed to the DateTime::Duration constructor.

Valid modes are "wrap", "limit", and "preserve". See the documentation for DateTime::Duration for a full explanation.

parse_value DB, VALUE
Convert VALUE to the equivalent DateTime::Duration object. VALUE maybe returned unmodified if it is a valid interval keyword or otherwise has special meaning to the underlying database. DB is a Rose::DB object that is used as part of the parsing process. Both arguments are required.
scale [INT]
Get or set the integer number of places past the decimal point preserved for fractional seconds. Defaults to 0.

Returns ``interval''.

Returns ``interval''.


John C. Siracusa ([email protected])


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