rotate(1) Rotate, mirror, and transpose JPEG images (losslessly whenever possible)


rotate { options } file [ file ... ]


rotate is a convenience frontend to jpegtran, allowing JPEG images to be rotated, mirrored, or transposed in several ways. These operations are conducted losslessly (i.e., no image recompression) and keep all EXIF metadata intact.


-f, -flip, --flip {horizontal | vertical}
horizontal: Mirror image horizontally (left-right).
vertical : Mirror image vertically (top-bottom).
-r, -rotate, --rotate {90 | 180 | 270}
90 : Rotate image 90 degrees clockwise.
180: Rotate image 180 degrees.
270: Rotate image 270 degrees clockwise (or 90 ccw).
-tp, -transpose, --transpose
Transpose image (across UL-to-LR axis).
-tv, -transverse, --transverse]
Transverse transpose (across UR-to-LL axis).


rotate is distributed as a component of jigl, written by Jason Paul <[email protected]>. Its project page is located at

This manual page was adapted from the program help text by Nicholas Breen <[email protected]> for the Debian project (but may be used by others).