rt-setup-fulltext-index(8) Helps create indexes for full text search


This script creates the appropriate tables, columns, functions, and / or views necessary for full-text searching for your database type. It will drop any existing indexes in the process.

Please read docs/full_text_indexing.pod for complete documentation on full-text indexing for your database type.

If you have a non-standard database administrator user or password, you may use the "--dba" and "--dba-password" parameters to set them explicitly:

    rt-setup-fulltext-index --dba sysdba --dba-password 'secret'

To test what will happen without running any DDL, pass the "--dryrun" flag.

The Oracle index determines which content-types it will index at creation time. By default, textual message bodies and textual uploaded attachments (attachments with filenames) are indexed; to ignore textual attachments, pass the "--no-attachments" flag when the index is created.


Ruslan Zakirov <[email protected]>, Alex Vandiver <[email protected]>