rtcanrecv(1) Xenomai tool for receiving CAN messages


rtcanrecv [<can-interface>] [Options]


rtcanrecv is part of Xenomai. It is used to receive messages via a CAN interface. The system must run a suitable Xenomai enabled kernel with the respective module (xeno_native and the CAN driver).


<can-interface> is the CAN interface file.

rtcanrecv accepts the following options:

-f, --filter=id:mask[:id:mask]...

apply filter

-e, --error=mask

receive error messages

-t, --timeout=MS

timeout in ms

-T, --timestamp

with absolute timestamp

-R, --timestamp-rel

with relative timestamp

-v, --verbose

be verbose

-p, --print=MODULO

print every MODULO message

-h, --help

this help


rtcanrecv was written by Wolfgang Grandegger, Jan Kiszka and Philippe Gerum. This man page was written by Roland Stigge.