ruby-beautify(1) CLI binary that will pretty up Ruby code

Other Alias



ruby-beautify [-hVts] [-c <count>] [--overwrite] [<file>...]

rbeautify [-hVts] [-c <count>] [--overwrite] [<file>...]



Show some help.

-V, --version

Show version.

-t, --tabs

Use tab(s) as indent character.

-s, --spaces

Use space(s) as indent character.

-c <count>, --indent_count <count>

Count of characters to use for indenting.


Overwrites file(s) in place. It won't overwrite files that fail syntax check.


Pretty up provided file(s).

If it is run without specifying a filename, it will read from STDIN.


Options presented above can be set inside a configuration file named .ruby-beautify. It can be placed anywhere up in the directory tree. Options need to be separated by a new line and options that use parameter value require "=" to be added between parameter name and the value.


The original analyzer that ruby-beautify was based on is available at:

Original work is based on sublime-text2 plugin: which was cleaned up and made suitable for use directly in a shell.

Ruby-beautify was recently re-written to use the stdlib ripper gem to do the lexical analyzing. Consequently all of the old legacy code was dropped.


Ernie Brodeur <[email protected]>

This manpage was written by Tomasz Nitecki <[email protected]> based on the original