runstat(1) collect statistics about execution of a process


runstat [ -h ]

runstat [ -d ] [ -f pathname ] command [ args ]


runstat tries to execute a command in a subprocess, and upon termination of the subprocess collects some statistics about that subprocess, and writes them to a file.

These statistics include time of execution, exit status, and elapsed time to execute, as well as use of various OS resources.



Debug mode; send log messages to standard error as well as to the system log.

-f pathname

Specifies the pathname of the file to save the statistics to. The default is to create a file in /tmp/cronutils-$USER with the name of the command, and suffix ".stat".


Prints some basic help.


runstat was written by Jamie Wilkinson <[email protected]>.


This program is copyright (C) 2010 Google, Inc.

It is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0