s3d_obj_info(9) object information


#include <s3d.h>


struct s3d_obj_info {
        uint32_t object;
        uint32_t flags;
        float trans_x;
        float trans_y;
        float trans_z;
        float rot_x;
        float rot_y;
        float rot_z;
        float scale;
        float r;
        char name;


Can be used on the buffer of an event of type S3D_EVENT_OBJ_INFO. name will usually contain nothing for usual objects, but mcp objects will contain the applications names here. r is the radius of the convex sphere an object, which will also be interesting for the mcp.

Special objects like camera, pointer will have the "sys_" prefix in the name and will be named "pointer0", "pointer1" ... or "cam0", "cam1" ... For cam object, scale will contain the aspect ratio.


Simon Wunderlich

Author of s3d