s3dw_widget(9) s3d widget information


#include <s3dw.h>


struct _s3dw_widget {
        int type;
        s3dw_widget *parent;
        s3dw_style *style;
        int nobj;
        s3dw_widget **pobj;
        int focus;
        int flags;
        float ax;
        float ay;
        float az;
        float as;
        float arx;
        float ary;
        float arz;
        float width;
        float height;
        uint32_t oid;
        void *ptr;
        float x;
        float y;
        float z;
        float s;
        float rx;
        float ry;
        float rz;


This is the most basic widget type, it contains all the "general" widget information. If you want to move a widget, you'd change x,y,z,s and rx,ry,rz and call s3dw_moveit to turn your action reality. Every other widget has this type as first entry, so a simple typecast to s3dw_widget will give you the widgets "general" information. For typecast, you may use S3DWIDGET().

The pointer ptr allows linking to user-specific data structures. That comes in handy if the widget is called back by an event, and the program must now find out on which data the user reacted.


Simon Wunderlich

Author of s3d