samidare(1) web page update checker


samidare [OPTION]... [URL]...


Samidare checks web page updates. It takes a list of URLs in a configuration file, config.yml, and checks last update time of them. A HTML file, latest.html, is generated to show the updates.


show help message.

-v, --verbose
specify verbose mode.

-n, --no-check
don't check web. output generation only.

-f, --force
force check (avoid timing control mechanism)

-o, --output=filename
specify output html filename.

specify output lirs filename.

-T, --template=filename
specify template filename.

-t, --timing
show check time of pages.

dump flatten configuration.

dump status. If URLs is specified, the status of specified pages are shown.

dump data for expand template. The "data" variable in template file refer this.

dumps locally stored filenames of pages specified by URLs.

dumps locally stored recent two filenames of pages specified by URLs.

remove entry of pages specified by URLs.

show difference of recent two files of specified URLs.


samidare is configured by "config.yml" and "t.latest.html" by default.

samidare generates "latest.html" and "sites.lirs.gz"

samidare uses "status.rm" and "tmp" to record status of pages.

"config.yml" is a configuration file in YAML format. See EXAMPLES section for its content.

"t.latest.html" is a template file. In the file, "data" variable can be used. See the document of htree library for template directives.

So you can run samidare as follows.

  % cd $HOME
  % mkdir samidare
  % cd samidare
  % vi config.yml
  % vi t.latest.html            # optional
  % samidare
  % w3m latest.html             # view the result

If you want to publish the result, use symbolic link to latest.html and sites.lirs.gz as follows.

  % mkdir public_html
  % mkdir public_html/samidare
  % cd public_html/samidare
  % ln -s ../../samidare/latest.html .
  % ln -s ../../samidare/sites.lirs.gz .


The configuration file is described in YAML format.

The simplest configuration is list of URLs as follows.



"config.yml" and "t.latest.html" is configuration file.

"latest.html" and "sites.lirs.gz" is output.

"status.rm" and "tmp" is used by samidare internally.


samidare stores pages in tmp directory. If it is published via your web server, XSS (cross site scripting) is possible. So the directory should not be published.


Tanaka Akira