sanduhr(1) an alarm clock, which is designed as a sand-glass


sanduhr [options] [timespec]


sanduhr is an alarm clock for the X Window System which uses (and requires) the GNOME desktop environment.

Click with button 3 on the SandUhr window to get a menu.

The syntax of timespec is explained in the online manual, which is available from SandUhr's help menu.


The program understands the following command line options.
shows a usage message.
Set the alarm message to MSG.
Shows the control center window on start-up.


Some important files of the SandUhr package are the following.
the SandUhr executable.
the definition of the SandUhr CORBA interface.


Copyright © 2000,2001 Jochen Voss

sanduhr is free software and comes under the GNU GPL. Read the file COPYING of the source code distribution for details.


The program sanduhr was implemented by Jochen Voss ([email protected]).