sb_imapfilter(1) An IMAP filter


An IMAP message box is scanned and all non-scored messages are scored and (where necessary) filtered.


sb_imapfilter [options]
note: option values with spaces in them must be enclosed
in double quotes
dbname : pickled training database filename
dbname : dbm training database filename
: train contents of spam folder and ham folder
: classify inbox
: display this message
: verbose mode
: security option to prompt for imap password,
rather than look in options["imap", "password"]
-e y/n
: expunge/purge messages on exit (y) or not (n)
-i debuglvl : a somewhat mysterious imaplib debugging level
(4 is a good level, and suitable for bug reports)
-l minutes
: period of time between filtering operations
: Launch a web browser showing the user interface.
-o section:option:value :
set [section, option] in the options database to value

Classify inbox, with dbm database
sb_imapfilter -c -d bayes.db
Train Spam and Ham, then classify inbox, with dbm database
sb_imapfilter -t -c -d bayes.db
Train Spam and Ham only, with pickled database
sb_imapfilter -t -p bayes.db


o We never delete mail, unless you use the -e/purge option, but we do
mark a lot as deleted, and your mail client might remove that for you. We try to only mark as deleted once the moved/altered message is correctly saved, but things might go wrong. We *strongly* recommend that you try this script out on mail that you can recover from somewhere else, at least at first.