SbCylinderSectionProjector(3) The SbCylinderSectionProjector projects 2D points to a sliced cylinder.


#include <Inventor/projectors/SbCylinderSectionProjector.h>

Inherits SbCylinderProjector.

Inherited by SbCylinderPlaneProjector.

Public Member Functions

SbCylinderSectionProjector (const float edgetol=0.9f, const SbBool orienttoeye=TRUE)

SbCylinderSectionProjector (const SbCylinder &cyl, const float edgetol=0.9f, const SbBool orienttoeye=TRUE)

virtual SbProjector * copy (void) const

virtual SbVec3f project (const SbVec2f &point)

virtual SbRotation getRotation (const SbVec3f &point1, const SbVec3f &point2)

void setTolerance (const float edgetol)

float getTolerance (void) const

SbBool isWithinTolerance (const SbVec3f &point)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void setupTolerance (void)

Protected Attributes

float tolerance

float tolDist

SbVec3f planeDir

SbLine planeLine

float planeDist

SbPlane tolPlane

Detailed Description

The SbCylinderSectionProjector projects 2D points to a sliced cylinder.

The projection cylinder for this class is sliced by a clipping plane parallel to its height axis. Projections will be mapped to the remaining cylinder part.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SbCylinderSectionProjector::SbCylinderSectionProjector (const floatedgetol = 0.9f, const SbBoolorienttoeye = TRUE)

Default constructor. See SbCylinderProjector::SbCylinderProjector().

The edgetol value should be within <0, 1], and specifies how much of the cylinder is used as a projection surface. 1.0 means the full front half is used.

SbCylinderSectionProjector::SbCylinderSectionProjector (const SbCylinder &cyl, const floatedgetol = 0.9f, const SbBoolorienttoeye = TRUE)

Constructor with explicit setting of the projection cylinder.

Member Function Documentation

SbProjector * SbCylinderSectionProjector::copy (void) const [virtual]

Construct and return a copy of this projector. The caller is responsible for destructing the new instance.

Note that if the Coin library has been built as a DLL under Microsoft Windows and you use this method from application code, you must make sure that both the Coin DLL and the application executable is using the same instance of a C Run-Time (CRT) library. Otherwise, you will get memory heap corruption upon deallocating the returned instances, eventually leading to mysterious crashes.

Implements SbProjector.

Reimplemented in SbCylinderPlaneProjector.

SbVec3f SbCylinderSectionProjector::project (const SbVec2f &point) [virtual]

Project the 2D point from normalized viewport coordinates to a 3D point. The mapping will be done in accordance with the type of the projector.

Implements SbCylinderProjector.

Reimplemented in SbCylinderPlaneProjector.

SbRotation SbCylinderSectionProjector::getRotation (const SbVec3f &point1, const SbVec3f &point2) [virtual]

Returns rotation on the projection surface which re-orients point1 to point2.

Implements SbCylinderProjector.

Reimplemented in SbCylinderPlaneProjector.

void SbCylinderSectionProjector::setTolerance (const floatedgetol)

The edgetol value decides how much of the surface of the cylinder is used for projection. 1.0 means the full cylinder half is used.

float SbCylinderSectionProjector::getTolerance (void) const

Returns edge tolerance for the cylinder half.

SbBool SbCylinderSectionProjector::isWithinTolerance (const SbVec3f &point)

Check if point is within the part of the cylinder used for projections.

void SbCylinderSectionProjector::setupTolerance (void) [protected], [virtual]

Recalculate the internal projection surface settings. Needs to be done if any of the parameters influencing the projection surface have been changed from subclasses without using the access methods.

Member Data Documentation

SbCylinderSectionProjector::tolerance [protected]

Tolerance value, deciding how much of the half-cylinder to do projections against.

SbCylinderSectionProjector::tolDist [protected]

Tolerance value multiplied with the cylinder radius.

SbCylinderSectionProjector::planeDir [protected]

Direction of cutting plane.

SbCylinderSectionProjector::planeLine [protected]

A line within the plane which is parallel to the cylinder axis.

SbCylinderSectionProjector::planeDist [protected]

Distance from plane to cylinder axis.

SbCylinderSectionProjector::tolPlane [protected]

Defines the plane cutting the cylinder into a projection part.


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