SbThreadAutoLock(3) Simple convenience class for locking access to a function.


#include <Inventor/threads/SbThreadAutoLock.h>

Public Member Functions

SbThreadAutoLock (SbMutex *mutexptr)

SbThreadAutoLock (SbThreadMutex *mutexptr)

~SbThreadAutoLock ()

Protected Attributes

SbMutex * mutex

SbThreadMutex * recmutex

Detailed Description

Simple convenience class for locking access to a function.

This class provides a simple convenience mechanism for automatically locking access to a function that is not re-entrant.

Usage example:

    SbThreadAutoLock lock(aMutexPtr);
    // [other code]

In the class constructor, SbMutex::lock() is called on the mutex, and when the function exits (this is the convenience part) the destructor will automatically be invoked, calling SbMutex::unlock() on the same mutex.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SbThreadAutoLock::SbThreadAutoLock (SbMutex *mutex) [inline]

The constructor calls SbMutex::lock() on mutex.

SbThreadAutoLock::SbThreadAutoLock (SbThreadMutex *mutex) [inline]

The constructor calls SbThreadMutex::lock() on mutex.

SbThreadAutoLock::~SbThreadAutoLock () [inline]

The destructor calls unlock() on the mutex passed in as a parameter to the constructor.

Member Data Documentation

SbThreadAutoLock::recmutex [protected]

This API member is considered internal to the library, as it is not likely to be of interest to the application programmer.


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