sbuild-checkpackages(1) check the package list in a sbuild chroot against a reference list


sbuild-checkpackages [-h|--help | -V|--version | -l|--list | -s|--set] CHROOT


sbuild-checkpackages compares the package list in an sbuild chroot (dpkg status file) against a reference list of packages. The differences between the two lists are displayed, showing the changes to remove and install in order to return the chroot to match the reference list.

The reference list may be set from the dpkg status file; this must be done initially in order to have a baseline reference for comparison. The chroot should only include essential and build-essential packages, plus the extra packages that sbuild needs such as fakeroot.



-h, --help
Display this manual.
-V, --version
Print version information.
-l, --list
List the differences between the installed packages and the reference file.
-s, --set
Set the reference file from the currently installed package list.

Chroot selection

The chroot to use. Note that 'o', 's', 't', 'u' and 'e' may be used as abbreviations for 'oldstable', 'stable', 'testing', 'unstable' and 'experimental', respectively.


To set the reference file in the unstable chroot:

% sbuild-checkpackages unstable --set

To show the differences in the unstable chroot:

% sbuild-checkpackages unstable --list


Roger Leigh.


Copyright © 2006-2008 Roger Leigh <[email protected]>.