scan-view1(1) The clang(1) static analyzer results viewer.

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scan-view options results directory


scan-view a companion comannd line utility to scan-build(1), scan-view is used to view analysis results generated by scan-build(1). There is an option that one can pass to scan-build to cause scan-view to run as soon as it the analysis of a build completes


-h, --help
show the help message and exit.
Host interface to listen on. (default=
Port to listen on. (default=8181)
Print additional debugging information.
Automatically update module for each request.
Don't open a webbrowser on startup.
Allow connections from any host (access restricted to "" by default)


Maintained by the Clang / LLVM Team

This manual page was written by Ermenegildo Fiorito [email protected] for the Debian Project.