schism(1) music editor


schism [ options ] [ directory ] [ file ]


This manual page documents briefly the schism command.

schism is a music editor (tracker) that aims to match the look and feel of Impulse Tracker so closely as possible. It can edit the following music modules formats it (native), s3m, xm, mod.


-a DRIVER, --audio-driver=DRIVER
SDL audio driver (or "none")
-v DRIVER, --video-driver=DRIVER
SDL video driver
--classic, --no-classic
start schism in classic mode
X11 display to use (e.g. ":0.0")
-f, +f, --fullscreen, --no-fullscreen
start in fullscreen mode
-p, +p, --play, --no-play
start playing after loading song on command line
--font-editor, --no-font-editor
start in font-editor (itf)
--hooks, --no-hooks
run startup/exit hooks (default: enabled)
display version information
-h, --help
print this stuff


Impulse Tracker was written by Jeffrey Lim. A clone was written by Storlek/chisel, which is now maintained by Mrs. Brisby.

This manual page was written by Gürkan Sengün <[email protected]>.