scim-make-table(1) generate data file for SCIM generic table module


scim-make-table table [option]...


The scim-make-table program reads human-readable text files that describe the input method table, and generates the data file used by SCIM generic table module.
The text table file describes the input method in human-readable format, usually with comments.


-o outputfile
Save new table to file.
Convert to binary format, otherwise to text format.
Do not save new phrase table.
-if ifreqfile
Load phrase frequencies from file.
-of ofreqfile
Save phrase frequencies to file.
-s file
Specify the source file to count phrase ages.


This manual page is written by Ming Hua <[email protected]> for Debian system, but hopefully also useful for others. It is distributed under the same license as the scim-tables package.