scolasync(1) a file manager dedicated to dealing with a collection of removable media, like music mobile players. It makes easier to copy files to a set of removable media, and to copy files from them.





allows you to send a series of files towards a set of removable media. Every individual removable storage device is identified, for example to its owner. Then, later, you can retreive modified files from the same collection of removable media and track the modifications attributable to each owner.

A possible usage is with students learning a foreign language: they are given homework on their USB sticks, and they bring them back with modified contents to get scores.



A database containing the preferences of the application, and the mapping between owners and USB storage media.


A dictionary of pecularities which come with some brands of USB storage media.


This dictionary overrides the settings in the system-wide configuration.


A log file for the application.


Georges Khaznadar <[email protected]>

Wrote this manpage for the Debian system.


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