screendump(1) dump the contents of a virtual console to stdout


screendump [ N ]


The screendump command dumps the contents of virtual console N , (or the current console if N is omitted) to standard out.


For security reasons, screendump uses linux devices "virtual console screen" and "virtual console screen with attributes" to give access for screendump.

On pre-DevFS systems, you should ensure these files exist, using

cd /dev for i in 0 1 2 3 ...; do
       mknod vcs$i c 7 $i

       mknod vcsa$i c 7 `expr 128 + $i`


(filling in the ellipses) and give the device files appropriate permissions, or run screendump as root.

On DevFS systems, the /dev/vcc/?? devices will automatically be present.


Andries Brouwer <[email protected]>
Manpage by Alastair McKinstry <[email protected]>