scrobbler-helper(1) submit a track to AudioScrobbler


The scrobbler-helper utility uses the "Audio::Scrobbler" module to submit a single track's information to's AudioScrobbler - It requires the program (plug-in) name and version to be specified on the command line, and also requires all seven track attributes, although some of them may be omitted by supplying empty strings.

The following command-line options are recognized:

-e encoding
Specify the character encoding of the track info, if it is neither UTF-8 nor the one specified via default_encoding in the configuration file.
-f configfile
Specify a different configuration file, not ~/.scrobbler-helper.conf.
Do not actually perform the handshake and submission (sets the "Audio::Scrobbler" ``fake'' option).
-P progname
Specify the name of the AudioScrobbler plug-in submitting the data. This option is mandatory!
Verbose operation - display diagnostic messages to the standard output (sets the "Audio::Scrobbler" ``verbose'' option).
-V progver
Specify the version of the AudioScrobbler plug-in submitting the data. This option is mandatory!

Besides the command line, the scrobbler-helper utility also retrieves information from a per-user configuration file, usually ~/.scrobbler-helper.conf; it is a INI-style file, which must contain a secion named ``global''. The following variables are recognized, with username and password being mandatory:

* default_encoding
The encoding to assume for the track info, if none is supplied with the -e command-line option. If neither -e is given on the command line nor default_encoding specified in the configuration file, the scrobbler-helper utility assumes UTF-8.
* fix_track_name
A boolean flag specifying whether to do some trivial fixes on the song name before submitting it. Currently, this only removes a ``DD. '' sequence at the start of the name, where 'D' is a digit.

The values "on", "true", "yes", and 1 are considered to be true.

* password
The password for the AudioScrobbler account.
* username
The username for the AudioScrobbler account.

  # Optional (the default is UTF-8)
  # Optional (the default is "no")