SDL_LoadWAV(3) Load a WAVE file


#include "SDL.h"

SDL_AudioSpec *SDL_LoadWAV(const char *file, SDL_AudioSpec *spec, Uint8 **audio_buf, Uint32 *audio_len);


SDL_LoadWAV This function loads a WAVE file into memory.

If this function succeeds, it returns the given SDL_AudioSpec, filled with the audio data format of the wave data, and sets audio_buf to a malloc'd buffer containing the audio data, and sets audio_len to the length of that audio buffer, in bytes. You need to free the audio buffer with SDL_FreeWAV when you are done with it.

This function returns NULL and sets the SDL error message if the wave file cannot be opened, uses an unknown data format, or is corrupt. Currently raw, MS-ADPCM and IMA-ADPCM WAVE files are supported.


SDL_AudioSpec wav_spec;
Uint32 wav_length;
Uint8 *wav_buffer;
/* Load the WAV */
if( SDL_LoadWAV("test.wav", &wav_spec, &wav_buffer, &wav_length) == NULL ){
  fprintf(stderr, "Could not open test.wav: %s
", SDL_GetError());
/* Do stuff with the WAV */
/* Free It */