sdrmend(1) SDR corruption repair utility


sdrmend sdr_name config_flags heap_words heap_key path_name [restartCmd restartLatency]


The sdrmend program simply invokes the sdr_reload_profile() function (see sdr(3)) to effect necessary repairs in a potentially corrupt SDR, e.g., due to the demise of a program that had an SDR transaction in progress at the moment it crashed.

Note that sdrmend need not be run to repair ION's data store in the event of a hardware reboot: restarting ION will automatically reload the data store's profile. sdrmend is needed only when it is desired to repair the data store without requiring all ION software to terminate and restart.


sdrmend has terminated successfully.
sdrmend has terminated unsuccessfully. See diagnostic messages in the ion.log log file for details.


No configuration files are needed.


No environment variables apply.


The following diagnostics may be issued to the ion.log log file:
Can't initialize the SDR system.
Probable operations error: ION appears not to be initialized, in which case there is no point in running sdrmend.
Can't reload profile for SDR.
ION system error. See earlier diagnostic messages posted to ion.log for details. In this event it is unlikely that sdrmend can be run successfully, and it is also unlikely that it would have any effect if it did run successfully.


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