sdrwatch(1) SDR non-volatile data store activity monitor


sdrwatch sdr_name interval count [ verbose ]


For count interations, sdrwatch sleeps interval seconds and then invokes the sdr_print_trace() function (see sdr(3)) to report on SDR data storage management activity in the SDR data store identified by sdr_name during that interval. If the optional verbose parameter is specified, the printed SDR activity trace will be verbose as described in sdr(3).

If interval is zero, sdrwatch merely prints a current usage summary for the indicated data store and terminates.

sdrwatch is helpful for detecting and diagnosing storage space leaks. For debugging the ION protocol stack, sdr_name is normally ``ion'' but might be overridden by the value of sdrName in the .ionconfig file used to configure the node under study.


sdrwatch has terminated.


No configuration files are needed.


No environment variables apply.


The following diagnostics may be issued to the ion.log log file:
Can't attach to sdr.
ION system error. One possible cause is that ION has not yet been initialized on the local computer; run ionadmin(1) to correct this.
Can't start trace.
Insufficient ION working memory to contain trace information. Reinitialize ION with more memory.


Report bugs to <[email protected]>