secpanel(1) a Tcl/Tk front-end to ssh and scp




SecPanel serves as a graphical user interface for managing and running SSH (Secure Shell) and SCP (Secure Copy) connections.

Note: SecPanel is not a new implementation of the SecureShell protocol or the ssh software-suite.

SecPanel sits on top of SSH software-suites and supports the and the OpenSSH-version. You may get information about these programs at respectively at

SecPanel is written entirely in pure Tcl/Tk and does not need any extensions but it requires Version 8.x of Tcl and Tk.

SecPanel is free software and is released under the conditions of the GNU General Public License. See the file COPYING and notes in the source code for details.


Saves and manages profiles of different SecureShell connections. Gives an ftpclient-like graphical interface/file listing for launching SCP-transfers. Editing of profiles mainly by mouse-clicking. Gives list of profiles to connect to. One list for default connections using a default profile and another list for managing special connections e.g. port-forwarding setups for reading mail. Management of the ssh-agent. Support for generating and distributing keys for public key authentication.

Planned Features

Support for the SSH2 protocol related options, configurations and special features of's and OpenSSH's suites.


Steffen Leich <[email protected]>