seekwatcher(1) utility to visualize block I/O patterns


seekwatcher [options]


-h, --help
show this help message and exit
-d DEVICE, --device=DEVICE
Device for blktrace
Destination for blktrace
-t TRACE, --trace=TRACE
blktrace file
-p PROG, --prog=PROG
exec program
Don't filter blktrace events
-a ADJUST, --adjust=ADJUST
Adjust plot placement: left=0.125,right=0.79,bottom=0.1,top=0.9,wspace=0.2,hspace=0.8
-c COLORS, --colors=COLORS
List of colors to use in plot
Number of columns for subplots
-z ZOOM, --zoom=ZOOM
Zoom range min:max (in MB)
-x XZOOM, --xzoom=XZOOM
Time range min:max (seconds)
-o OUTPUT, --output=OUTPUT
output file
-l LABEL, --label=LABEL
Disk IO dot style
Disk IO dot size
Multiplier for cells
-O ONLY_GRAPH, --only-graph=ONLY_GRAPH
Add a single graph to the output (io, tput, seek, iops, stats)
-N NO_GRAPH, --no-graph=NO_GRAPH
Remove a single graph (io, tput, seek, iops, stats)
-s, --only-io-graph-seeks
Only plot seeks on the IO graph
-r ROLLING_AVG, --rolling-avg=ROLLING_AVG
Rolling average for seeks and throughput (in seconds)
-i, --interactive
Use matplotlib interactive
matplotlib backend (Qt4Agg, TkAgg, GTKAgg) case sensitive
-T TITLE, --title=TITLE
Graph Title
-R, --reads-only
Graph only reads
-W, --writes-only
Graph only writes
Figure size (8x6)
-P, --tag-process
Tag IO graph by process
-M MERGE, --merge=MERGE
Merge process pids for a process
Legend position 1.01,0.5
Legend columns
-m, --movie
Generate an IO movie
Number of frames per second
Movie length in seconds
Size in pixels of the IO cells
Mencoder vbitrate option (default 16000)