sendme(8) Send a signal from driver to user and measure time intervals


sendme [-a|-a PROC] [-b USEC] [-l loops] [-p PRIO]


The program sendme uses the backfire driver to send a signal from driver to user. It then reads the timestamp from the driver and calculates the time intervals to call the driver and to receive the signal from the driver.


-a, --affinity[=PROC]
Run on processor number PROC. If PROC is not specified, run on current processor.
-b, --breaktrace=USEC
Send break trace command when latency > USEC. This is a debugging option to control the latency tracer in the realtime preemption patch. It is useful to track down unexpected large latencies on a system.
-l, --loops=LOOPS
Set the number of loops. The default is 0 (endless). This option is useful for automated tests with a given number of test cycles. Sendme is stopped once the number of timer intervals has been reached.
-p, --prio=PRIO
Set the priority of the process.




# modprobe backfire
# sendme -a -p99 -l1000000
Samples:  1000000
To:   Min    0, Cur    0, Avg    1, Max   11
From: Min    2, Cur    3, Avg    3, Max   43


Carsten Emde <[email protected]>