Apply a background color to a PDF page

SYNOPSIS [options] file.pdf pagenum color [outfile]
-o --order preserve the internal PDF ordering for output
-v --verbose print the internal representation of the PDF
-h --help verbose help message
-V --version print CAM::PDF version

The "color" is specified as 3 or 6 character hexadecimal RGB. For example, "f00" and "ff0000" both mean pure red while 999 and 999999 both mean medium gray.


This program alters a PDF document to add a solid background color behind the page contents.


Some PDF creation programs assume a white background and draw bogus white rectangles all over the screen that you usually cannot see. If your PDF has such rectangles, you can sometimes fix it, but it is a pain. The best recommendation is to recreate the original PDF using a smarter library, if possible. Alternatively, you can contact Clotho Advanced Media for a commercial solution to this problem.


This feature was originally requested by Brent Cowgill.