sgml2txt(1) create plain text output from a LinuxDoc DTD SGML source file


sgml2txt [generic-option...] [--manpage] [--filter] [--blanks=n] file[.sgml]


sgml2txt is an old and obsoleted form of the text converter command of LinuxDoc-Tools. It is recommended to switch the new form linuxdoc -B text now. It converts a LinuxDoc DTD SGML source file to ASCII, ISO-8859-1, or EUC-JP output. Output will appear in file.txt where file is the name of the SGML source file.

The attribute/value pair "output=txt" is set for conditionals.


sgml2txt accepts all the generic options described in linuxdoc(1), and the following specific options:
--manpage, -m
Outputs a groff source file, suitable for formatting with groff -man for man pages
--filter, -f
Remove backspace-overstrikes from the intermediate form generated by groff(1).
--pass, -P
The argument of the pass option is added to the command-line options handed to groff(1).
--blanks=n, -b
Set the limit of continuous blank lines for generating the output document. The default limit is 3. if 0 (zero) is specified, the result have many continuous blank lines.
The SGML source file, named either file or file.sgml


Many files and executables in /usr/share/linuxdoc-tools are used.


None known.


Originally written by Greg Hankins <[email protected]>, based on scripts by Tom Gordon and Alexander Horz, and later rewritten by Cees de Groot <[email protected]> for SGML-Tools (v1). Currently maintained by Taketoshi Sano <[email protected]> for Linuxdoc-Tools.