shatagd(1) Automatically maintain hash tags for files in a given directory


shatagd [-druv] [-b BACKEND] [PATH]...


shatagd Is a daemon companion to shatag(1) that will monitor filesystem paths using inotify(7) and automatically recompute a tag whenever a file is written to.


-d, --daemon
Daemonize. You must use absolute file paths when using this option.

-r, --recursive
Recursively watch sub-directories, as well as newly created directories.

-u, --update
Only update already tagged files. See the shatag(1) manpage for pitfalls.

-v, --verbose
Write to stdout the paths of files which have their tags recomputed.

-b BACKEND, --backend BACKEND
Backend to use. see the --backend option of shatag(1).


Recursive mode is subject to an unavoidable race condition, due to a limitation of inotify.

Relative paths do not work when daemonized, only use absolute paths.


Report shatag bugs to the bugtracker at,