shevek::server< client(3) serverdata >::connection


#include <server.hh>

Inherits shevek::refbase.

Public Member Functions

void continue_reading ()
This is called after in->unread (), to resume accepting data from this connection.
~connection ()

Public Attributes

Glib::RefPtr< shevek::fd > in
The input socket. The client can stop reading from this connection by calling in->unread ().
Glib::RefPtr< shevek::fd > out
The output socket. This is used to send data to the connection.

Protected Member Functions

connection ()
The client class can construct this object with its create function.
Glib::RefPtr< server< client,
serverdata > > get_server ()"
Access to the server object which hosts this client.
void disconnect ()
This can be called by the client object to close this connection.


class server< client, serverdata >

Detailed Description

template<typename client, typename serverdata>struct shevek::server< client, serverdata >::connection

Base of the client class which is implemented by the calling program.

A client object is created for every connection which is accepted. This class handles server administration and provides access to members from the client class.


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