shmem_global_exit(3) A routine that allows any PE to force termination of an entire program.


C or C++:

#include <mpp/shmem.h>
void shmem_global_exit(int status);

include 'mpp/shmem.fh'


shmem_global_exit() shmem_global_exit is a non-collective routine that allows any one PE to force termination of an Open- SHMEM program for all PEs, passing an exit status to the execution environment. This routine terminates the entire program, not just the OpenSHMEM portion. When any PE calls shmem_global_exit, it results in the immediate notification to all PEs to terminate. shmem_global_exit flushes I/O and releases resources in accordance with C/C++/Fortran language requirements for normal program termination. If more than one PE calls shmem_global_exit, then the exit status returned to the environment shall be one of the values passed to shmem_global_exit as the status argument. There is no return to the caller of shmem_global_exit; control is returned from the OpenSHMEM program to the execution environment for all PEs.