showg(1) Write graphs in human-readable format.


showg [-p#:#l#o#Ftq] [-a|-A|-c|-d|-e] [infile [outfile]]


Write graphs in human-readable format.
infile is the input file in graph6 or sparse6 format outfile is the output file Defaults are standard input and standard output.
-p#, -p#:#, -p#-# : only display one graph or a sequence of
The first graph is number 1. A second number
which is empty or zero means infinity.
: write the adjacency matrix
: same as -a with a space between entries
: write output to satisfy dreadnaut
: write compact dreadnaut form with minimal line-breaks
: write a list of edges, preceded by the order and the
number of edges
-o# : specify number of first vertex (default is 0)
: write upper triangle only (affects -a, -A, -d and default)
: write a form-feed after each graph except the last
-l# : specify screen width limit (default 78, 0 means no limit)
This is not currently implemented with -a or -A.
: suppress auxiliary output
-a, -A, -c, -d and -e are incompatible.