showtableinfo(1) show table info and contents


showtableinfo [OPTION] [INPUT FILE]


-dm T|F
Show data manager info? Defaults to T.
-col T|F
Show column info? Defaults to T.
-tabkey T|F
Show table keywords? Defaults to F.
-colkey T|F
Show column keywords? Defaults to F.
-maxval [number]
Max number of array values to show. Defaults to 25.
-sub T|F
Show info for all subtables? Defaults to F.
-sort T|F
Sort columns in alphabetical order? Defaults to F.
-browse T|F
Browse contents of table? Defaults to F.
-selcol|-selrow|-selsort [string]
TaQL column/row selection or sort string.


This manual page was written by Benda Xu <[email protected]>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system.