shp2pcx(1) extract images from a Shape (SHP) file into PCX files




shp2pcx converts all frames contained in a Shape file into PCX-format image files. Shape files are used for storage of all visible elements (from UI buttons to terrain features) of the games Exult supports.

SHAPE is the name of the Shape file acting as the source. Frames contained therein are saved as PCX files named PREFIXnn.pcx with nn replaced by the frame number (counting from zero). All PCX files get their palette from PALETTE.

Before extraction the number of frames, and the Shape's origin coordinates are shown. Additionally, extraction progress is communicated by printing a message containing the resulting file's name for every processed frame.


shp2pcx orc.shp orc std.pal
Takes the frames contained in the Shape file orc.shp, and saves them with the palette from std.pal into PCX files orc00.pcx, orc01.pcx, orc02.pcx, etc.


This manpage was written by Robert Bihlmeyer. It may be freely redistributed and modified under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 or higher.