sic(1) simple irc client


sic [-h <host>] [-p <port>] [-n <nick>] [-k <keyword>] [-v]


sic is an extremly fast, small and simple irc client. It reads commands from standard input and prints all server output to standard output. It multiplexes also all channel traffic into one output, that you don't have to switch different channel buffers, that's actually a feature.


-h <host>
Overrides the default host (
-p <port>
Overrides the default port (6667)
-n <nickname>
Override the default nick ($USER)
-k <keyword>
Specifies the keyword to authenticate your nick on the host
Prints version information to standard output, then exits.


:j #channel
Join a channel
:l #channel
Leave a channel
:m #channel/user msg
Write a message to #channel/user
:s #channel/user
Set default channel/user
Everything which is not a command is simply send the server.