Provides dotplot/chaos style plot of murasaki alignments

SYNOPSIS <murasaki ailgnment file> [-output=<output prefix>]


murasaki alignment file The main one outputted by murasaki.
--output Prefix for output files.
--nostitch Don't draw lines for stitch file breaks.
Leave signedness alone (otherwise absolute coordinates are drawn)
Keep the file containing the gnuplot commands (helpful if you want to run gnuplot interactively).
Run gnuplot interactively for some set of sequences <S> (default all)
--order=<S> Reorder input sequences on the fly (or consider only a subset)
<S> can be specified as a simple permutation like 201 (which would mean sequence 2, then 0, then 1), or if you have more than 10 sequences you can separate digits with any non-digit character (eg: ``2,0,1'').


Draws graphs of murasaki alignments.